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Subconscious Recall Hypnosis

Uncovering the hidden pieces for a better understanding

Subconscious Recall Hypnosis

Through hypnosis we have access to the subconscious mind where all things that we have ever experienced (whether we remember them or not) is recorded. Using subconscious recall techniques, this allows you to fully uncover the true events as they were to gain a better understanding of the fragmented memories that may be stuck in the conscious mind. This will allow you to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for a clear picture on a specific event.

Using this regression technique we are able to recall the events exactly as they happened such as extraterrestrial contact/ abduction or missing time.  In any encounter with an extra terrestrial, the person is only aware of the first minute or so or very few minutes of the experience, and then they are what we call switched off. And that means that they’re just made to be not conscious of the rest of the experience. So the wonderful thing is that with the regression work, the subconscious part of the mind, which has recorded everything, even whatever the person was not consciously aware of, the subconscious part of the mind in the regression will yield that information. So in other words, if a person wants to remember an ET experience, we start at the beginning, with the clues that they had, that an experience like that was beginning. And then we go right through moment by moment by moment, as if a person is reliving it, rather than looking back at it, it’s much more effective if they can have the sense of reliving the experience. And they keep reliving the experience beyond what they had consciously known about. So we’ll go through the whole encounter, which might have taken an hour, hour and a half, two hours, depending on the situation, and right back to where they are returned, and go on with the rest of their night of sleep or the rest of their day, if it was a daytime encounter. And then they really know what happened. And their purpose for finding out really is so that the person can validate what they thought might have happened. And also for them to integrate the new material, the new realizations, and that’s very good for mental health, and psychological well being. So then they can deal with the experience better. So many, many people have carried these little bits and pieces and hints of the beginning of an experience. They may have carried that for 10 years, 20 years, 30, 40,  50, 60 years. And finally, they’ve wondered all these years, about what really happened, was there more to that than what I was aware. And so finally, they find out what the whole experience was. And then that’s just better for them. They can sort of process it, they can talk about it, they can remember it. Basically work it through, which is a very great help for people.

Dreams are a window into the most powerful part of your mind, your unconscious. These surreal phenomena can reveal so much about what is happening within you, just below the surface, offering immense therapeutic value. Enter dream analysis. What is it? Dream analysis is a therapeutic technique that focuses on deciphering the content of your dreams and is a very effective way to create rapid, desired change. By utilizing the influence of your unconscious mind, dream therapy, in conjunction with hypnotherapy, can help you understand what your dreams are attempting to tell you. This knowledge can help you release pent-up tensions and burdens from the day, determine the root cause of a particular issue you’re struggling with, and most importantly, help you let go of worries, anxieties, and limiting self-doubts from your past and present. 

In a deep state of hypnosis, my clients often gain significant meaning, insight, and guidance. The subconscious part of your mind records everything you experience, even events you otherwise may not consciously recall. The sessions reveal details and foster a better understanding of life events.

Your Higher Knowing (your Soul) and your Guides are always with you and can give you insight and guidance.

My clients have discovered that this information impacts their current lives in ways they could not have even imagined.


Dreams that seem real/Abductions that seem like dreams