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past life regression

Embracing your Higher Self

What is 5d?

The term "5D" stands for 5th dimension.  The 5th dimension is not necessarily a physical place but rather HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS that allows you to perceive life in a more MULTIDIMENSIONAL way. ​It’s an extraordinary time of TRANSFORMATION of consciousness on our planet. During this time of SHIFT, many people are hearing an inner call to step into a much higher version of who they are. They are “awakening.” ​When we AWAKEN it marks the beginning of a transformative period, a time of unraveling, RENEWAL, and potentially rapid growth in understanding who we are and our PURPOSE, value and place in the world. ​This transformation can be a confusing time, and can give rise to doubt and fear. You are not alone in having these feelings. Many others are asking the same questions as you are: Who am I? How can I experience more of my true nature? ​How do I heal myself? How can I partner with my higher self in this process? ​ What is my purpose and place in the world? How can I live more of my life purpose? Those who embark on this SACRED JOURNEY of creative transformation become way-showers for all those who will follow.  This shift in perception can naturally affect physical changes and MANIFESTATIONS, bringing your outer reality into HARMONIC ALIGNMENT with your inner 5th-dimensional awareness and experiences.

5D Coaching

As a 5D life coach I am able to help you see things from a different perspective.  When you can pull back and look at the pivotal moments in your life that have SHIFTED and TRANSFORMED who you are, it allows a completely new UNDERSTANDING of the bigger picture.   So when your consciousness shifts from 3D to 5D, your perception of reality greatly changes as well. You will experience the same world you live in altogether differently. This is because, as you UNPLUG from the 3D matrix programming and TRANSCEND into 5D consciousness, you HEAL the societal distortions of a wounded mind steeped in ego, fear or depression, and your inner reality transforms. Truly understanding ALL that you are EMPOWERS you on this journey to EMBRACE your HIGHER SELF and receive guidance to live a fulfilling life that you have created for yourself.   So let's embark on this journey to experience more of who YOU TRULY ARE and the magnificence of your HIGHER SELF and soul!

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"You are not a human being having a Spiritual Experience,
you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience"

 5D Living

  • GAIN an expanded PERSPECTIVE on the planetary SHIFT that is happening, to help you understand your place and purpose

  • TRUST the inner call or impulse to AWAKEN and live more fully in the world as your TRUE SELF

  • Becoming clearer about the path of TRANSFORMATION and why you are experiencing what you are

  • Gain more INSIGHT and CONNECTION to your life PURPOSE and plan

  • EXPAND your connection and relationship with your HIGHER SELF, Spirit Guides and Christ Consciousness  to support your SPIRITUAL GROWTH and self-transformation

  • Experience an OPENING of your HEART CENTER, and to the potentials contained within loving, spiritual ENERGY

  • DIMINISH BLOCKS to transformation, such as feelings of unworthiness, isolation, or anxiety, as you HEAL the past and embrace your SHADOW SELF

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