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What is Past Life Regression?


So you've read all about quantum hypnosis but still wondering "what is past life regression?"

Past life regression is a hypnotic technique that allows a person to regress back in time to one or more prior lifetimes.  In doing so, it can assist a person to “connect the dots” as to the people in their lives and what the purpose of certain experiences and situations mean to them. It can also allow the person to explore and, many times release any past emotions or trauma such as phobias, fears, compulsions, and even physical pain resulting in subsequent healing.  Often times a view of the “bigger picture” always seems to give people a different perspective.

Not only does the mind store information about the origins and causes of our physical and emotional issues in each life, it knows the best way to correct or improve those conditions as well.  It also stores the memory of the Eternal Self, the part of you that existed before you came into this life, the part of you that will still exist when this life is complete.  The answers we are looking for are not out there in the world, they are inside each of us and Regression Therapy is an amazing tool that can assist us in finding those answers.  

Even if you don't believe in Past Lives, Quantum Hypnosis can still work for you.  We just use your experience as a "story" that helps you understand the bigger picture.

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